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cocoon Xlite ZIP 5R Paragliding concertina bag

cocoon Xlite ZIP 5R Paragliding concertina bag

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New Item 2023!! "ZIP 5R" concertina bag

Weight :275g (size M) Only
by airmail: us$ 14

5 sizes available for mini wing / speed glider to tandem glider.

Product description :
The design and features of "ZIP 5R" are similar to cocoon Xlite ZIP, ripstop glider fabric is used and the dimension of the bag has been trimmed a bit smaller on ZIP 5R. The way to pack your glider same as the cocoon Xlite ZIP with clear packing instructions printed on the cocoon.

Please be reminded that cocoon Xlite Zip 5R bag is not suitable for high performance gliders with long rods on the ledge edge (EN C and above) as it may cause glider damage.

-- Ripstop glider fabric
- The bag is designed for both regular and lightweight glider.
- Water repellence
- UV protection
- 3 quick-release buckle holding straps (One for the leading        edge, two in the middle and bottom )
- YKK buckles
- YKK zipper
- Three - tone color pattern
- Risers stowage compartment
- Comes with mini stuff sack

Weight (stuff sack included) +/- 10g :

L :2.95m = 300g
M: 2.65m = 275g
S :2.45m = 245g
XS: 2.10m = 215g

4 size Available :

pls check your glider specification / Root Chord for the right size

L : 2.95cm (72cm x 31cm x15 cm)
MS : 2.65cm(66cm x 31cm x 15 cm)
S : 2.45cm(55cm x 28cm x 14 cm)
XS : 2.1cm(55cm x 28cm x 12 cm) Speed wing/Mini wing

4 Color Options :

1)Burgundy Red /Grey/ Dark Grey (out of stock 2.95m and 2.65m)
2) Nave Blue / Grey / Dark Grey
3) Sky Blue/Grey / Dark Grey
4) Light Orange/ Grey / Dark Grey

Packing Instruction :

1) Concertina folding is recommended

2) Fold and hold all cells in sequence

3 and 4) zip the bag from trailing edge toward Leading Edge (place a finger underneath the zipper to prevent glider fabric get caught.

5) Turn the COCOON Xitle Zip 5R bag to aside

7,8 and 9) Follow the instruction "--- fold here---" printed on the fabric

10 and 11) Zip the tube all the way to become a neat and tidy bag


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