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Cockpit RACE 3 / Flight Deck(10L)

Cockpit RACE 3 / Flight Deck(10L)

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New Item !!

Para Supply has entered into partnership with One Polar, the premier mountaineering goods manufacturer. One Polar has many years of experience in making high quality equipment for exacting outdoor enthusiasts. Together we bring you well-designed, rugged and reliable cocoon bags, stuff bags and other specialist paragliding products.
Look for the "Made for Parasupply by One Polar" logo when you make your

Cockpit RACE 3, 10L design for competition pilots and XC flight, it large enough for your XC equipment and items.

- Mobile / Gopro holderOur pioneered design
- Pre Attachment System (PAS)for quick set up and launch. Most importantly, QUICK RELEASE for safetlyOur pioneered design
- Adjustable Our pioneered design flight computer viewing boards, This removable velcro plate to conveniently carry your flight instruments to the briefing
- 4 attachment points with 2 mini carabiners for instrumentation on flight deck
- One large zip pocket inside the main compartment for valuable items
- wire / hydration exit holes
- convenient mesh pocket
- carry handle
- One zipped compartment
- YKK zipper
- Cobra buckle (Quick Release)

- 10L
- 40D nylon / neoprene
- Weight :500g
- Length:31cm, Width:22cm

Color options :

1) Black with Red zipper (out of stock!!)
2) Black with grey zipper

Additional options :

- Back up compass with mount (5cm x 5 cm)

- Instrument / Vario mounts:
Size B : Fits for flytec 6020,6030,6040 / Brauniger IQ Compeo+,IQ Competino+ /
Compass : C-Pilot Pro
Skytraxx : Fits for Skytraxx, Skytraxx 2
Flymaster : Fits for B1 / LIVE / GPS / NAV / VARIO

Flight desk net weight: 490g

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